Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handmade Glamour! EOE Jewelry

Yes I've made new items and I think they are glamorous! Therefore here is my boring publication again keke :)

Do you like black onyx? I do, I was told that black onyx chases away evil and helps the person relax. Do you believe in it? Have you shopped around? I think my prices are reasonable priced, what do you think?

Ever had a necklace that you hated wearing cause you couldn't see the clasp. Or, did you ever think man, if there was a ez way to put on a necklace without putting on a necklace in the front and not having to turn it back to the back ? Well if you love pearls and if you love sterling silver, here it is!

Custom rings wire wrapped rings are in. DID you know that? Well, here's a few selection from my shop!

Haha how about a necklace that is silver tone? and purple glass pearl

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