Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Extra HUGE Freshwater pearl earrings on etsy!

LOL I am a really bad blogger and I will try to be better. For those who put blogger as a profession, I true give them credit and believe they are BLOGGERS! To be a blogger I believe they must have to work very hard because you have to keep blogging and keep things going and have new post almost everyday!

I love all you bloggers out there! :)

Anyways, to promote my stuff a little before work. I made these one of a kind, EXTRA... HUGE Freshwater pearl earrings. Check it out at my etsy store!! Remember to follow me on facebook if you have it

One of a kind. One only! Extra large, HUGE freshwater Pearl on sterling silver post!

use EOE2010 for 10% off your order ;)

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