Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12.27.2010 - My thoughts and recap of life

Today is a special day. It's my baby cousin's birthday and one of my closet friends wedding. As you know we had a huge snow storm in the tristate area and since my closet friend's wedding was in NYC, it was pretty tough to even think about going.

I started to recap my life and made my decision based on what I have and the current moment. In my life there are many people who influences and have a great impact on my life. These people are my family, co-workers and most importantly my group of friends (J.a.l.l.s.n.a.c.k. and C.a.l.l.)

A lot has happened through out the past 3-4 years. I went from losing my dad to being head of household and got fell into the door of depression and anxiety attacks. Over the past few months I've started to think long and hard about my relationship with people and I decided I sure need to make a harder effort of seeing and hanging out those that I need because time is precious! Also, the thought of missing a few close friend's wedding already made me feel really sad, but we can't turn back time. All in all I am off this whole week so I was not going to let mother nature stop me from one of my closest friend's wedding. Though I only know this friend for about 5 years, but time has nothing to do with how close you are to a person. At the end of the day, today's journey was well worth it because I got to celebrate a very important day with her and that it proved if there is a will, there most likely is a way.

Here's a short video of the snow blowing! and how far I've walked as the wind was heavily blowing

Here's a little of how it went. I waited for the bus here.... in this picture is a 4 way street. The lights were not working and the bus was no where to be seen. As I walked halfway to my first destination the bus finally came, I got on and caught the 12PM bus to NYC. As we (me and jeff another good friend) were happily on our way, our bus broke down on the new jersey turnpike entrance LOL and it took an hr before another bus came. The second bus FINALLY arrived, but what luck did we have, before we took off, it broke down shortly after arrival and we had to wait for a THIRD bus. We waited for about another hr and it finally arrived and we were on our way again!!

we finally arrived at NYC after 5.5hrs which normally this ride only takes 2 hrs. When we got there, the site was not pretty. It was a huge ice skating ring where taxis and cars where buried in the middle lanes of 3 lanes and certains streets were blocked off. I almost fell on my own ass probably 6 times and also broke my ankle! 
Most of my other pictures were corrupted maybe due to the cold weather :( but here's a not so bad view when I was on the bus    I didn't really attempt to take pictures while i was walking, which i should because it would have shown a much better real of the whole situation.  Anyhow, we got to the wedding after 5.5, but since everything was delayed the party didn't really start until 8 and when it did we had really really ummy food which this is one of the dishes. Abalone for those who are wondering what that is. Abalone is a really expensive seafood and very hard to make good. This restro did a pretty decent job!

during half way, Jeff and I had to leave at 930PM to catch the 10PM bus, so we had to make it short. ALL in ALL when I got back to philly at 1220, the taxis were all running and there was a 45 min wait....... I know someone was watching over me because out of no where a cab came by and picked me up in about 5 mins! :) I got home safely around 1:15 due to the icy streets. You couldn't even see the color of the GROUND, but once i got in the door, everything went in a bag so I can handle it tomorrow, I showered from head to TOE and went to sleep. HAHA enough talking, im going back to sleep now!!

Just wanted to say to my friends family and Co-workers~~ Love you all! have a safe and happy new year!!

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